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Commercial Cleaning Services in Brighton and Hove

We have over 13 years commercial cleaning experience, cleaning for national and multinational companies.

A cleaning specification individually tailored to your requirements will be provided detailing daily, weekly and monthly duties. We can make sure that your wash rooms are cleaned and replenished every day. Your carpets will be powerfully vacuumed, polished floor areas treated safely so they gleam, and bathroom and kitchen facilities will be sanitised.

All the necessary machinery, equipment and materials manufactured will be provided by eco-friendly, socially responsible companies. Furthermore, we can offer a framed Certificate confirming that the premises have been cleaned in a health and environmentally friendly way, with our details for any further information and queries. This can be displayed for the benefits of your customers.

Our services include:

Deep initial cleaning
Kitchen cleaning
Washroom cleaning
Vacuum cleaning
Hard floor cleaning and maintenance
Chair cleaning
Dust mites control
Telephone and IT sanitation
Office equipment cleaning
Waste removal
Recycling removal
Pest control
Cobwebs control
Infection control

We provide a hassle-free high standards Eco-cleaning service. We are different from any other Brighton's cleaning company as:

  • We use a fresh clean microfibre flat mop for hard floor.
  • Our microfibre flat mop heads are washed in a washing machine at high temperature and fresh air dried after every use.
  • We don’t use multi-use mops that are kept damp in the back of a van as we don’t want to spread around water-borne bacteria.
  • We use fresh and clean microfibre dusters and clothes for every room or facilities.
  • Our cleaning cloths and dusters are washed in a washing machine at high temperature and fresh air dried after every use.
  • We use 5- layer filtration system microfibre bags when vacuuming your floor.